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The Edison Project Designed for kids age 8 and up. Especially suited for those with the Edison Trait! This class is recommended for all beginners regardless of age. 
Music with Mackie
Part I and Part II
This class is for beginners, or for those who have played rhythm guitar and would like to learn to play lead guitar and pick up some real skills with music theory.   This class will be taught by Mackie Lester. 
Summer Only
South of the Equator?  Ask before registering.
Designed for students who would love to investigate how power is generated and GREEN TECHNOLOGY!  Students should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide. (9-Week Class)
*Short Version
Only 4-Weeks

South of the Equator?  Ask before registering.
This class contains the best parts of Green Technology I without the 9-week commitment.  Discover solar cells, windmills, water wheels and much more.  Learn alternative methods to generate electricity. 

There are two lessons each week for four weeks, eight exciting lessons about new, environmentally friendly, ways of generating electricity. 

Summer Class Only! 
Summer Only
South of the Equator?  Ask before registering.
Green Technology II is a stand alone class.  The equipment in the GT1 class is very helpful in this class but you will need a multimeter and a solar cell to measure light intensity.  In Green Technology II, we are going to build a real working solar power system that can be used in your home to operate lighting and small appliances and provide emergency power during an outage.  The goal is to keep the price below $400.  Most institutions charge hundreds or even thousands for this class.   (4-Week Class $98)
Summer Science Club
Summer Only
Designed for students age 12 and up.  Only operated from mid May through July.  FREE
Kid's Science Club
Summer Only
Designed for students age 8 to 11, only operated from mid May through July.  FREE
Advanced DC and AC Electronics This class is recommended for students who read on an 8th grade level or higher and have completed Edison Project 1-8 and Introduction to Sensors or for adults.  (Parents:  Many students who have completed the Edison Project series with an average score in the 80's or higher, have been very successful in the advanced classes even though the classes are Tech-College level!)
Solder Magic* This class is designed to teach students how to build working circuits through the practice of soldering.  Soldering is as much an art, as it is a science.  Soldering means melting metals to permanently connect components together.  In this class you will build a blinky robot, a chirping cricket circuit that only operates when the light is turned out and a cool alarm to surprise your friends with when they open your desk drawer.