The Edison Project

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These lessons are designed for students age 8 to 108 and can be enjoyed by anyone interested in electronics.  We recommend that all students start with The Edison Project.  The Edison Project is specifically designed to minister to the needs of kids who have the Edison Trait, which can be a limiting factor in childhood development if not recognized and encouraged.  Where would this world be today if Thomas Edison's mother had not recognized her son's gift and homeschooled him?  God only knows!  

Click here for The Edison Project Syllabus!

Four steps to start The Edison Project:

  1. Register for "The Edison Project"  (Only $65/Quarter) 
  2. Purchase Lab Equipment from Amazon or other online sources.  You will need the Elenco SC-750 and the best price I found lately is which is also a great company to do business with.  The kit is about $85 and you can use it for two years of Edison Project classes.  Outside the USA order the SC-750 here.  Do you already have the SC-300 and just need an upgrade? There may be some used equipment for sale by other homeschool families. 
  3. Download (free) and print or save the book to your computer.  To download the PDF file, right click on the following link and save it to your desktop or somewhere you can easily find it.  You can print it if you like, but it requires a lot of paper (135 pages) by following this link.

  4. Get a Digital Multimeter that will measure DC currents less than 1mA.  If you already have a multimeter great!  If you don't check out the one on my website.  It's cheap and great for beginners.   Since the meter I use online looks like this one, it will make learning easy.   

The equipment covers over 300 experiments and can be used throughout the entire 2-year Edison Project.  The downloaded book shows how to assemble the circuits.  I will be providing instruction, explanations, and commentary to enhance the learning objectives in the book.  Tests will be given and the results will be displayed for you to print for your records.  Use these tests as verification of attendance and for your official records. 

While the entire Edison Project is scheduled to last for two years, you can include as little or as much of it as you choose.  Each Edison Project lasts eight weeks and covers five exciting experiments per week.  That's a total of 40 lessons for each project level

Students are not allowed to skip levels because each level builds on previous information.  For example:  If a student is eleven he/or she should start at Edison Project level one just as an eight year old would do.  I would recommend students who start the Edison Project at age eleven continue the Edison Project through it's completion instead of going on to Introduction to Sensors.  Completing the Edison Project first will serve the student with more contiguous instruction.  After completing the Edison Project, Introduction to Sensors will make a super follow-up.  

For a syllabus, choose the appropriate "Edison Project" below.

First Year Second Year



Edison Project I Edison Project V
Edison Project II Edison Project VI



Edison Project III Edison Project VII
Edison Project IV Edison Project VIII

We will communicate mainly by email during this class but I am available by phone too!  If it is necessary to call me, please feel free to call 251-609-5422. 


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