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Students will need a Digital Multimeter for any electronics class or club on the Quick Study Labs website.  The multimeter will need to measure micro-amps, milli-amps, ohms, and DC Volts.  

Here is the Digital Multimeter that I recommend for student use, because I use this same meter to make pictures for the website.  Students can follow the picture instructions very easily.    

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By completing this order form, you agree not to allow kids to use this meter until I have given them instruction on using it safely! You also agree not to let students make any measurements on any circuits except those they are instructed to do so in the class. 

Please order your meter early and give me time to secure shipping materials. I ship during the first week of class and your meter should arrive in plenty of time for use in the class. 

Summer/Kid's Club meters are shipped out before Project #5 starts.         

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NOTE: Continental US orders only!  Thanks!  

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 I would like to purchase .  This price includes shipping and handling inside the US.  If your child is taking Introduction to Sensors, you may wish to order an eye loupe (like jewelers use).  Some of the part numbers on the devices in your kit are very small.  Edison Project students will not need the eye loupe.  

Be sure to click the "Submit" button below and then, if you have a PayPal account you can use it to pay the above amount.  Just login to your PayPal account and choose the "Send Money" tab.  My email address is and you can use it for transactions.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can follow the directions below to send a check.   

Please send check or money order in advance to:  

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Your meter and other merchandise will be shipped by US mail to the address you specify above, unless you email me with a special need.  


Please Note:  I ship your equipment during the first week of class or before, as the multimeter is not needed during the first week. If you are ordering a meter for Summer Club Activities, I ship before Project 5 begins.  For Summer Club activities, the multimeter is used in Project 5, see schedule dates.