Equipment Needed for Advanced DC and AC Electronics

You will need all the items listed below for the Advanced DC and Advanced AC classes.  All the prices are estimated. 

USED equipment may be available here.  If you purchase these items, please let me know.

Item #1

Estimated Price:  $100 Grob's Basic Electronics 10/e, Fundamentals of DC and AC with Circuits Simulations CD (Hardcover).  I found a great price at .  You can use the one with the green cover (shown below) or one with a pink looking cover that has resistors on the front (2006).  If you buy a used book, be sure it has the Circuits Simulations CD with it!  The CD contains circuits that we will retrieve into our Multisim program.

 NOTE:  Some of my college students have reported to me that they have found the book for free in a PDF format on the Internet.  Look for "Grob's Basic Electronics 10th Ed PDF." 


The link below is from the publisher, Don't try to order from this link, but I provide it in case you would like to know additional information about the book. 

  • Grob's Basic Electronics with Simulation CD
    ISBN10: 0073222763 - ISBN13: 9780073222769
    By: Mitchel Schultz
    Edition: 10 - Pub Date: 28-MAR-07
    Price: A$ 141.96 / NZ$ 135.95(Incl. GST) - Format: Hardcover
  • Item #2

    Estimated Price:  $70 Problems Manual to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics (Paperback).  Try and Amazon Books


    Item #3

    NOTE:  This item is not required and not taught during the class.  Many students will benefit from using this program to simulate the circuits in the class.  Estimated Price:  $50 You will need Multisim which is Circuit Simulation Software to open and use the Simulation CD that comes with the textbook.  If you are interested in your student simulating the circuits on their computer, be sure you purchase a book with the Simulation CD and then get the Multisim software.   

    Item #4

    Scientific Calculator:  Estimated Price$12 Texas Instruments TI30 XA  I will be teaching some calculator operations and if you have the same calculator I use on the website it will be easy to learn. 

    Registration Fee              $65 per eight week class/40 daily lessons!

    How do I sign up?

    To register for class, click here or follow the  "Register for Class" link on the menu.  

    You can reach me on my cell phone at 251-609-5422, but the best way to make contact is by email.  I check morning and evening on most days.  I LOVE Text Messages.

    If you have questions please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.   

    Joel Phillips


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