For young scientists and the young inventors. 

Age 8 (with adult help) to age 108!

Content of the class is below. 

 FLEX-Schedule (keep reading)

Estimated Cost and How to Sign Up 


  1. Pay Tuition:  $65/9-Weeks of Lessons  (Register at Quick Study Labs)

  2. Order Multimeter:  $18 (Order from Quick Study Labs) or use the one you already have. 

  3. Order Lab Kit SCG-125 Snap Circuits GREEN:  About $50  (AC Supply) (Amazon) (Google) (Please note:  QSL does not endorse any of these sources)


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Green Technology is a SUMMER ONLY class at Quick Study Labs

Class begins mid-May and sometimes a second class starts later in summer.  See home page of Quick Study Labs (QSL) for exact date/dates. 

9-Weeks, 2-Lessons Each Week

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SUMMER GREEN TECHNOLOGY is going to be a POWERFUL—DISCOVERY—EXPERIENCE and so much fun!  This class is especially suited to kids with the Edison Trait so all kids will LOVE this class. 


To address the problem of travel and other summer activities, QSL offers GREEN TECHNOLOGY with a FLEX-schedule.   

 FLEX-Schedule works like this: 

 Each email password will unlock three weeks of lessons.  Six lessons must be completed every three weeks.  On average that is two lesson each week.  There are eighteen lessons in all, and they are spread out over nine weeks.  Each lesson takes about an hour to complete.  It is your choice how to complete the lessons. 

Suggestions for each 3-Week Password: 


Suggestion 1:  Complete 2-Lessons each week for the three weeks


Suggestion 2:  Complete 3-Lessons in two weeks and then take off a week


Suggestion 3:  Complete 6-Lesson in one week and then take off two weeks

The Next Password Email Will Arrive in Three Weeks! 

How Classes Work: 

There will be a total of three passwords during the summer (sent by email).  Each password will open three weeks of lessons (6 lessons in all).  The only deadline is that all six lessons must be completed by the end of the three-week period.  This plan will allow great FLEX-ibility for your summer and provides some very COOL learning activities for those days that are too stormy or hot for outside activities.  There will not be any cumulative examination, so students and parents will not be burdened with lengthy reviews during the summer.  Each lesson will have a review of important topics and a small quiz.  GREEN TECHNOLOGY will last for 9 weeks instead of the usual 8-weeks of other QSL classes.



GREEN TECHNOLOGY has been added to the registration form at  Just choose "Register for Class" from the main menu. 


Exploring is what we love best at Quick Study Labs!  This summer we will explore some aspects of electricity/electronics that we don’t usually get to talk about.  GREEN!


GREEN TECHNOLOGY is all about alternative sources of energy (other than fossil fuels) and helping to reduce pollution in our environment.  Every lesson has a hands-on lab experiment!  We will build solar experiments, generator experiments, chemical battery experiments, water wheel (WILD AND WET) experiments and much more.  We will explore different methods of generating electricity such as wind, solar, and hydro-power while doing some fantastic lab experiments.  There are other methods of power generation too!  In the class, we will discuss fuel cells and other high-tech solutions to power generation.  Learn to do power calculations to determine how much power is produced by the generators in our kits and how much power is required for different electronic equipment in our homes.  Discover how to do power consumption estimates for your home.  SUMMER GREEN TECHNOLOGY is going to be a POWERFUL—DISCOVERY—EXPERIENCE and so much fun! 

The manual that comes with the lab kit will cover all types of environmentally friendly forms of energy including geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, wind, solar, tidal, hydro, and others.