Solder Magic*  #1

For young scientists and inventors everywhere! 

Age 8 to age 108!

     (Note:  Students age 8 to 12 will need constant adult supervision)

Did you know you can make permanent cool electronic circuits by soldering components together?  YOU CAN!!!!!  We can show you how!  In all the other classes at Quick Study Labs, you build some really cool circuits and learn the neat science that makes them work.  The only problem is after you build them you have to take them apart so you can build something else. 


In the Solder Magic* class, we build PERMANENT circuits that you can play with for years and years. 

Estimated Cost and How to Sign Up 


To get in on the fun, just follow these two steps. 

  1. Pay Tuition:  $65/4-Weeks of Lessons  (Register at Quick Study Labs)

  2. If you DO NOT have soldering tools, you need to Order this Kit:  Q6933T because it comes with all the tools.  If you already have soldering equipment, you need to Order Kit:  Q6933B. Kit Q6933B has only the four soldering projects and does not contain any soldering equipment.  Estimated cost of equipment is less than $50.  Kit Q6933B is less than $30. 

How This Class Works: 

This class may overlap other Quick Study Labs classes but I think you can squeeze it in easily because there are only four soldering projects.  One soldering project should be completed each week, along with its video, audio, and text instruction included with each project.  Each project will take about two hours to complete and you can do the project all in one day, or you can spread your experience over the entire week if you wish.  You will take pictures of your work and send it in for approval so you will need a digital camera for this class.    


Solder Magic* Content: 


Lots of video and audio instructions (you will need high speed internet) guiding you through the steps to becoming a pro at making reliable solder connections to industry standards.