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Please STOP and read this page carefully:  If your child has completed classes at Quick Study Labs already, it is very important that you select the correct class when registering below.   GREEN TECHNOLOGY classes are only offered during the summer.

If this is your child's first time to enroll at Quick Study Labs, you must choose the beginning level of the classes and order or pick up equipment your child needs so classes can begin on schedule.   Also, don't forget to download the correct book for Edison Project (the link can be found under "Equipment" on the main menu).   

Certificates of completion are awarded at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, copies of which can be used as part of your child's permanent record.  The certificate will be posted in a privet area of our website and you will be sent a link to print them at home.  The name will be spelled and capitalized as you enter it on the registration form so please be careful.  I will not intentionally share your information with other people! Ever! 

Very Important:  You will receive several emails from me before class starts!  One reason I send these emails is to make sure we have established communications before class begins.  If you do not receive email from Quick Study Labs within five days of registration, check your "bulk mail" or "junk mail" folders.  

As you may know, there are restrictions placed on how some e-mail service providers deliver e-mail. While they're helpful for preventing spam, these restrictions could block images or even keep you from receiving my email messages.  By adding my e-mail address ( to your address book, you'll be sure not to miss any of my instructions or communications.  Just click on your e-mail client or service provider and select your address book.  Then add my address.  Thanks!  

If you do not receive email from me within five days of registration, please contact me by phone. 

Registration Fee is $65 per class unless otherwise stated.  For more detailed information choose "About Classes" from the main menu.  

Please complete one registration form for each child.  


    I would like to register my child for:  

The Edison Project I

Year 1 (Part 1)

Designed for all kids age 8 to 108! Edison-Trait kids will LOVE these classes and you will too.  Younger students will need adult help.                    8-Weeks

The Edison Project II

Year 1 (Part 2)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 1.   8-Weeks

The Edison Project III

Year 1 (Part 3)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 2.   8-Weeks

The Edison Project IV

Year 1 (Part 4)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 3.   8-Weeks

The Edison Project V

Year 2 (Part 5)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 4.   8-Weeks

The Edison Project VI

Year 2 (Part 6)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 5.   8-Weeks

The Edison Project VII

Year 2 (Part 7)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 6.   8-Weeks

The Edison Project VIII

Year 2 (Part 8)

Designed for kids who have completed  Edison Project 7.   8-Weeks

Introduction to Sensors

Part One (formerly Introduction to Electronics)

Designed for more mature students age 12 and up.  Students must have good manual dexterity (small parts).  8-Weeks

Introduction to Sensors

Part Two

Designed for students who have completed Intro to Electronics Part One.  8-Weeks 

Music with Mackie, Guitar 1

Designed for students who are beginners to guitar or those who would like to learn to play tabs and read music so they can play the melody of songs.   

Music with Mackie, Guitar 2

This class is for students who have completed Guitar 1
For students who would love to explore and discover alternative energy!  This class lasts for 9-weeks and has only two lessons each week, so as not to interfere with summer activities.

Summer Class Only

Completion of Edison Project 1 would be helpful, but not necessary. 
4-Week (Short Course)
For students who would love to explore and discover alternative energy!  This class lasts for 4-weeks and has only two lessons each week.  Much of the same fun covered in only half the time leaving most all of summer free! 
Summer Class Only

Completion of Edison Project 1 would be helpful, but not necessary. 
For students who have completed GREEN TECH I. Build a working solar electrical system to power small appliances and provide lighting for less than $500!  This is an exciting project for student and family. 

Summer Only

Constant adult supervision required.

This class is scheduled for Summer 2012
$98 for 4-Weeks of Instruction

Advanced DC1 Advanced DC Electronics is for adults who would like to explore electronics for a career or students who have completed both Edison Project and Intro to Electronics. 
Advanced DC2 For students who complete Adv. DC1
Advanced AC1 For students who complete DC1 and DC2
Advanced AC2 For students who complete Adv. AC1
Solder Magic*  #1 For students who want to learn how to solder and make permanent circuits that last for years. 
(Students 8 to 12 need constant adult supervision with this class) 
Note:  Because this class is only four weeks, it would be greatly appreciated if you pay tuition in advance of the start date. 
Thank you!
 Introduction to ROBOTICS For students who have completed at least Edison Project 1 & 2 and have a desire to experiment with programmable circuits.  

Because of a special situation I am registering my child outside of the recommended age group.  I will give extra supervision to my child to assure he/she succeeds and does all activities safely.


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Student Age

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Student Birthday

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When I send you pictures of my child doing experiments, you may on the website as members of Quick Study Labs and use them to promote QSL classes.   


To complete registration you must read and complete the remainder of this page and then click the REGISTER BUTTON at the bottom. 




Most classes cover 40 experiments or learning activities and last for eight weeks.  There is one activity for each week day (during the school year).  There are exceptions, see above.  The time and days you assign these projects are up to you as the teacher.  You may assign the classes all on Monday, one each day, or what ever arrangement suits your needs best.  Please have students complete all weekly assignments by midnight Saturday or Saturday at least


The time required per week depends on the skill and interest level of your child, but should average out to be about an hour per day.  As the homeschool teacher, it is your responsibility to make sure your child follows the safety precautions in the book and on this website.  By completing this form you agree to supervise your child at all times and make sure he/she follows safe practices.  You, as the Parent-Teacher, are responsible for safety.

  • If you have a discount certificate number, enter it in the space provided below and  please deduct $5 from the total amount of tuition.  

  • If you have more than one child enrolled at a time, the additional children get a 25% discount!  Choose "Second Child" in the price list below for each additional child enrolled.  

 I would like to register my child for  

I have a Promotion Code Number 

My Code Number is  

For a list of needed equipment, please see the "About the Classes" link on the home page of Quick Study Labs. 


If you would like to purchase a digital multi-meter from QSL, please follow the "*Order Meter" link on the main menu after you complete this  registration.    

Your child will need a digital multi-meter for any electronics class he/she takes from QSL.  Our multi-meters are only $18 and they look and work like the ones used in the lessons which makes learning to use the multimeter very easy.  We pay the shipping for you!  You may also like to order an Eye Loupe, like jewelers use to inspect diamonds.  Eye loupes are very helpful in Introduction to Sensors because the part numbers on real electronic devices are so small.  

If you pay by check or money order, please put the class title on the check or money order.  Example, EP1 stands for Edison Project One, IS stands for Introduction to Sensors, ROBO1 for Introduction to Robotics, SM for Solder Magic* and GT for GREEN TECHNOLOGY.   GREEN TECHNOLOGY is a Summer Only class. 

Attention:  If you are outside the US, please add and additional $10 to every check you send to Quick Study Labs to cover the fee my bank charges to process each out-of-country check.  There is no extra charge if you pay by money order or PayPal.


If you would like me to call and discuss any question about the programs on Quick Study Labs, please check the box.  

Send check or money order to the following address or after you finish reading this page and click "Register for Class" at the bottom, choose "$Payment Options" on the homepage of Quick Study Labs to pay using PayPal or Credit Card


Quick Study Labs

2075 Park Drive

Loxley, AL  36551


Please don't forget to put the class title and student name on the check.  Thanks in advance, and I look forward to serving your family.  


Notice:  Because I send messages to multiple people at the same time, many email programs will send my email messages to your "Surplus" or "Junk Mail" folder.  Don't forget to add my email address to your "address book" and "safe senders" list which is the first step in solving this problem.  If you do not receive email from me within five days of registering, please call Joel Phillips at 251-609-5422.  


Notice:  By completing this form, you agree that you are the homeschool teacher and are responsible for the safety of your child.  You also agree to provide adult supervision and assure that students follow all precautions given on the Quick Study Labs website, in the book used for the class, and in the operating/instruction manual of any equipment used for lessons on the Quick Study Labs website.    

Notice:  Solder and electronic components contain lead and can be hazardous to one's health.  By completing this form, you agree to follow all recommendations to keep your child safe from lead exposure and assume all responsibilities and liabilities related to lead exposure.  Limit lead exposure by never putting electronic components or solder in your mouth and by washing your hands with soap and water after handling electronic components or solder. 


Please go back and check the information to make sure it is correct and click the Register Button Below only once for each child you are registering.  


Be sure to click the "Register" button below and then, if you have a PayPal account you can use it to pay the above amount.  Just login to your PayPal account and choose the "Send Money" tab.  My email address is and you can use it for transactions.  In the note area, please include the class title and the student name.  Be sure to click Register below before you close this page.  You can also use the PayPal button on the home page of Quick Study Labs to pay by credit card.   

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