Guitar (Level 1) at Quick Study Labs

Class Structure:  There will be two lessons each week.  Students login to Quick Study Labs each Monday and begin the week's lessons. Video, audio and a textbook are used in the teaching of this class.  Students will practice between lessons and even pick songs to master during the class.  Fun and very in-depth! 

Materials needed for the class: 

1.      Guitar

2.      Metronome

3.      Hal-Leonard's Guitar Method Book, Complete Included CDs

4.      Electronic Tuner

5.      Guitar Picks

6.      Extra Set of Strings

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Meet the author of the lessons: 

Music with Mackie

Additional Info from Mr. Phillips about "Music with Mackie" 

“Music with Mackie” is the only class on my website, so far, that is not taught by me.  Mackie, my good friend and accomplished guitarist, is the teacher of the class.  Although he is young (24 I think) he is a fabulous musician and a great communicator with lots of patience with the students. 

 I think taking guitar lessons across the internet is a great alternative to going somewhere each week because you can do the online lessons at your convenience and not feel threatened when you need an extra day to practice before the next lesson takes place. 

 Mackie starts students that know very little or who have been playing for years and leads them through a textbook that he recommends.  He teaches students how to tune the guitar, use a metronome to increase precision and timing and guides them in build important skills that will last a lifetime. 

With a combination of audio, video, and text he has had some amazing results.  I have asked the students, and parents about the lessons and they all love the classes.  Currently, he has two levels of classes Beginner and Intermediate.  He goes into a lot of music theory, methods, and application and makes himself available to students by phone if needed.  Mackie has proven himself to be a very patient and thorough teacher and a great addition to Quick Study Labs.