The introduction to Robotics class will expect students to understand concepts such as Ohm's Law, series circuits, parallel circuits, current flow (electron flow), voltage drops, resistance, powers of ten notation and scientific notation.    Students who do not understand these concepts should complete, at a minimum, Edison Project 1 and Edison Project 2 before attempting Introduction to Robotics.     



Three Easy Steps to Start


  1. Order materials:  You will need “SCXP-50 XP” which can be found online at Amazon or other fine stores
  2. Order a Digital Multimeter:  You can purchase a multimeter through Quick Study Labs if you don't have one already. 
  3. Register for the class!  Please check the front page of Quick Study Labs for start date and when to register. 


P.S.  Some parts of this class require materials from the kit used in The Edison Project class.  You will need a 2-Spring connector and a yellow LED from your other kit.  





The Introduction to Robotics class (ROBO1) will cover the basics of how all robots work.  This class will explore the wonderful world of programmable circuits, interfacing both inputs and outputs and circuit design.  ROBO1 is all about building circuits with intelligence.  Some of the topics for this class will be:


1.       How do robots work?

2.       Types of robots in use today

3.       The brain of all robots “The Microprocessor”

4.       When robotics should be used and why

5.       The basics of automation

6.       Installing software for programming a microprocessor

7.       Programming from Flow Charts

8.       Basic input and output operations

9.       Increasing the output capabilities of a robot

10.   Digital logic

11.   Binary numbers

12.   Why switches bounce (de-bouncing a switch)

13.   Using sensors for input

14.   Learn about Data logging and much more


The syllabus for this class is subject to change as this class develops.  It could be even more exciting!  


This is going to be an AWESOME class!