What about Vacation!

One or even two weeks of vacation during an eight-week session of class is not a problem.  As a homeschool dad myself, I know how school schedules need to be flexible.  

Here is what we do:  If you need to have a week or so of vacation, just request two passwords for the last week your student will be in class.  Your student can do a week and a half of classes before you depart on your trip, and a week and a half of classes when you return.  That way, students are not overwhelmed by too much work, and they don't get far behind either.  For two-week vacations, request extra passwords two weeks in advance and try to get your student two weeks ahead of schedule before leaving.  

I work with issues of this nature on a case by case status.  Remember you must remind me that you need passwords in advance.  

Please make every effort to finish classes on time, or in advance if you are leaving town.  I schedule my off time around Quick Study Labs and the college where I teach.  If your students do not finish on time, this means I don't ever get a vacation. 

Thanks in advance!

Joel Phillips

Quick Study Labs