Many thanks to parents and students for letting us know how you feel about Quick Study Labs.  Your input is valued and much appreciated!


Jessica writes:


Hi Mr. Phillips,

My son is graduating this year from High School and is going to Tennessee Tech to pursue his degree in Electrical Engineering.  I just want to tell you how you really were an important part of this decision.  When he was very young, I found your program and Snap Circuits products and that was all he needed to explore his fascination with electronics.  He literally learned how to identify letters from the grid on the snap circuit kit so that he could build the models for all the experiments.  Your explanations and exercises helped him to build understanding he sought to have rather than just put the kit together and marvel at the way it worked.  I write this now with so much gratitude for your Quick Study Lab program.  I have no doubt that people like you are why he is on his path.  Thank you for all you do to mentor young people who share your love of science.

Thank you,




Hello Joel,

Our son Joseph (Joey) was one of your students several years back.  He was going to contact you because he had a few words for you (I'm passing on his message in case he doesn't get around to emailing you).

Joey wanted to thank you!!  Since taking your courses, he has gone on to building his own 3D printer, a large go-cart, and more recently a drone (with parts he ordered from Hong Kong).  He also services vehicles, and brought our old quad back to life.  The adventures of Joey are 'never-ending'.  He thanks you greatly, because he said it was your electronics classes, and especially your soldering class that got him going.  Thanks so much for what you are offering for kids!!  It sure has made a difference in Joey's life, and his skills sure help immensely on our farm! 

Please I have a few questions....

We would like to register our two sons; Francis (13), and Dominic (9) for your Edison Project 1 Class beginning in September.  When does it begin?  When does project 2, 3, and 4 begin as well please? 

Thanks very much,

Lori Hoven

Alberta, Canada



Hello Mr. Phillips,


This is Kylynn Thies' mom, Rebecca. Kylynn (Age 10) has really enjoyed the Edison Project classes so far and I expect that we will resume those in the fall.


Kylynn asked for, and received, a soldering iron for Christmas and has been tinker with it since. She's been pretty good about researching things about components she is unsure about online, or asking her grandpa who was an electrical engineer. She's even built up enough of a stash of components that her dad got her a box to organize them in. Kylynn can be very motivated and work on things fairly independently for long stretches of time when she is interested in something, and she is certainly interested in electronics. She says she wants to go to MIT and become a robotics engineer. I think it would be good for her to do the Green Tech class over the summer just to keep things fresh.


Thanks for all you've done for Kylynn. She is truly loving electronics and sees it as a big step in reaching her goal of going to MIT. Thanks for presenting all this information in a fun and easily accessible way for my girl!


Kind regards,

Rebecca Thies

Elgin, Illinois





> Hi Mr. Phillips!


> Thank you for such a wonderful 8 weeks with Edison Project 1!  Jayden (age 8) reminded me every day to register for Edison Project 2; I am so glad you offer this level of learning for youngsters...it stretches the mind beyond what traditional schooling gives them!  Jayden rarely had to be reminded to do his electronics...this was always the first thing he wanted to do!


> Thanks so much again!  We are looking forward to Edison Project 2!

> Re: Jayden Cedeno EP1, soon to be EP2.


> Sent from my iPad

> Latisha Cedeno

> Keller, Texas


Here is a link to Learning Table and a very nice article written by Anne Campbell about one of my top students, Will, her son.  Will has taken what he has learned and built upon it doing all kinds of new things that he has never done before.  Way to go Will!  

To: Mr. Phillips

Subject: QSL Thank You


Mr Phillips,


Jacob is continuing to have a good time and I have to thank you for offering your online electronics classes.  Before I found Quick Study Labs I was on the edge of distracted desperation because I couldn't keep Jacob technologically challenged the way he needed to be.  The child was bored. Any children's classes I could find were either not challenging enough, wildly expensive or all day summer camps for children of working parents. Finding Quick Study Labs was an absolute God send.  Jacob has learned so much and, not only that, but being able to talk to an instructor at the community college about his electronic classes and soldering  impressed the instructor enough that he decided to give him a chance at taking a 3D graphics class.  The instructor already signed Jacob up for the student version of Cinema 4D and gave him permission to take his class in the fall. Although now that Jacob has his foot in the door at the community college I need to find Jacob a computer programming class as well (I'm assuming a community college level electronics class would have too much math for a 9-year old?).


So, thank you again for Quick Study Labs, it's not only teaching Jacob electronics but opening up opportunities in other areas as well.


M'Liss Stelzer

Santa Fe, NM



We love the way the class is working. We got through the preliminaries and Matthew completed two projects yesterday. 

I am a member of a few homeschooling yahoo groups.  Just yesterday, a mom posted that her son has taken your courses for four years and is now taking a college level engineering class online at the age of 12. That certainly got Matthew's attention. And the fact that Matthew was successful and engaged in the projects got my attention. 


Megan Mullaley

South Easton, MA



Hi Joel,


Just wanted to send some props for your online course.  I have one of your students, Andy vanOsten, who asked to sit in for a month on a college survey course I offer in which we cover Arduino programming and interfacing.  He came with enough perquisite knowledge of electronics to fit right in, although he’s only 11, and that speaks volumes for your course.




- Jim Squire


James C. Squire, P.E., Ph.D.

Electrical & Computer Eng.

Virginia Military Institute

Mr. Phillips,

   Thank you for the response.  The password came through fine.  Cai woke up this morning ready to do his class!  He did the first four lessons this morning in his pj's before breakfast (and he REALLY likes breakfast)!  :)  It was enjoyable to listen from a little distance away.  He would say- Ok here is a blue word. He was reading the lessons a little out loud and he kept slowing way down on the blue sections. 

   I am thrilled to have him in The Edison Project!



Student:  Micaiah Allen EP1 (age 9)

Crestline, Ohio



> ===========


> Thank you for all you do!! Virgil loves, absolutely loves and

> enjoys your classes. Not only that, but he thinks it is cool that you

> email assignments to him and he can schedule and make sure they are

> completed on time without me! Such a confidence booster and fun!!

> Priceless!!!


> Heather Cook

> Mom of Virgil Cook Edison Project #1

> Georgia


> ===============


Hi Joel,

I can't tell you how much Elia enjoy your course. I have studied college Physics and my dad majored in EE (Electrical Engineering). We are both impressed with what Elia has learned. Thank you for taking time to answer Elia's questions and being a friend and mentor to him. I have written a glorious review to my local homeschool group. May God continue to bless your teaching. Thanks.
Amelia Ching

Mountain View CA



> Mr. Phillips,


> The flex schedule has been good for us this summer.  It has provided a

> real opportunity for Jack to learn about managing his time and his

> work.  I've felt all along that he is learning so much more from

> Edison Project classes than just the electronics - things like test

> taking and time management, not to mention the math, vocabulary,

> writing and thinking skills.  But this summer flex schedule has been a

> new challenge for him with regard to planning and time management and

> I think it will prove to help when we pick up our more regular

> "school" schedule.


> Thank you again for what you are providing!


> Shelly Krueger, Virginia



Mr. Phillips,


Troy LOVES LOVES LOVES  electronics!!  He is turning 10 next week and asked for a new meter for his birthday.  He also asked for an electronic robot kit!  His favorite store now is Frye’s Electronics, and he would rather go there and walk around than a toy store.  I love to see him passionate about something!  And again…. He is only 9 years old!  My husband says he is learning stuff he learned in his college electronics classes.


Thanks for offering such an amazing opportunity. 


Sharon McNitt


Mr Phillips,

I guess the results speak for themselves! We successfully launched Jack’s rocket using his homemade launcher three times yesterday.

Jack shot a model rocket as part of an overnight event at the Virginia Air and Space Center. He was so excited about doing more launches with his new rocket he decided he wanted to use the skills he’d learned during the Edison Project to make his own launch controller.  The whole design was his!!! The circuit contains a slide switch (for keeping the launcher safe) and a momentary switch (for initiating the launch). He installed a light bulb in the circuit to verify power when the circuit was “armed”. He successfully launched his rocket three times with his new controller!!

I have been very impressed with all he’s learned through your program – not only the electronics, but the math and test taking skills as well. We are obviously HUGE fans and have told several other homeschoolers about the Edison Project. Thanks for making this a great program!!

Thanks again,

Mike Krueger, Virginia

Fine Job Jack!  I see that you are one to take what you learn in class to the next level. 

Way to go! 

Hi Mr. Phillips,

Project 94 was a GREAT review of how a capacitor works!
Good Stuff.
FYI - I purchased the Elenco Electronics Christmas Tree Model K-14 to teach / introduce the kids to soldering.  Just by looking at the instructions it looks like WE are able to understand just about how everything works.  We haven't covered frequency of an oscillator in class yet....but I think you said that Frequency will be covered in Edison Project 3.
Because of your classes, me and my kids are/will be able to do some really cool stuff!  THANKS!!!
Bill, Emily and Reese Browne  (Texas)
Edison Project 3

Hi Mr. Phillips,

Emilie got a 92% and Reese got a 100% on the 1st check out.  We are all enjoying the Green class.  Having only two lessons each week during the summer is a good change of pace.  Both kids loved the wet battery.  They loved being able to use Coke in their lab. 

Besides learning about the different types of voltage sources, the labs have really been a good way for the kids to learn about how to choose the correct range on the multimeter.  They were struggling with that concept throughout Edison Project 1 (EP1) and I'm hoping by the time we finish the Green class they will have a firm understanding of the concept.  We have also been doing random comparisons between the analog and digital meters.  I think, at first, all of the different options on the digital meter was a little over whelming for them in EP1 and seeing / working with the Green kits analog meter has taken some of the mystery out of using a multimeter.

These classes are great for young kids!!!!  Besides having fun, these kids are seeing things that will be used in so many other subjects.  Thanks for taking the time and doing such a great job developing these classes.

Bill  (Dad)
Reese and Emilie GREEN TECHNOLOGY class.
Round Rock, TX



Dear Mr. Phillips,

I made this PowerPoint file for my sister so she would want to take the class again. My Mom said I should send it to you as an advertisement. Well, here it is!  Edison Project!

Your biggest fan,
Colton Davis, Rossville, Georgia


Colton is ten and his little sister, whom he is encouraging with the above Power Point presentation, is eight.  Little sister, (Casey) is very bright and has scored an "A" on every Big-Check (test) she has taken in the 16-weeks of classes she has completed at Quick Study Labs!  Way to go Casey and SUPER job on the presentation Colton! 



Hi Joel,

 Thank you for your hard work, in putting together this wonderful education opportunity for my son. 

 I have been in the Information Technology field for twenty years.  As I review the work John is doing with Quick Study Labs, I am struck by what a strong foundation it would lay for anyone becoming involved in Information Technology, or any related discipline. 

 Best regards,

David Briars

 Glenview, IL



Mr. Phillips,
Jacob looks forward to another session of electronics.  I need to tell you that it is THE ONLY subject he voluntarily will go do.  It's so good, and a relief,  to have one thing he enjoys.
Thanks for offering these classes.  He really could have started in the Edison Project, but because he has a snap circuit set, it was not as interesting to him.  I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with Jacob after this electronics session.  He is only 12, entering 7th grade, and I think Apologia's General Science (what my older child, a girl, did in 7th grade) would be tough for Jacob because it is not as much hands-on work).  If you have any suggestions, I'd be interested in hearing them.
Again, thanks,
Diana Friederich
Berwyn, Illinois


Good news Diana!  Many families who have had Snap Kits, and their kids have been through the circuits, report that the Edison Project adds so much to the kit that the circuits come alive and take on a completely new meaning.  I think Jacob will LOVE Edison Project!


Hope this helps,

Joel Phillips


Mr. Phillips,

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how thrilled I am with this class! Kevin is learning so much. The material is challenging yet he has mastered the concepts easily. When I saw him completing his “big check” I could not believe how much he has retained in just 4 weeks. J

At eight years Kevin is very bright and needs stimulating opportunities. This takes manipulatives to a whole new level.

I will be sure to talk this program up at our Homeschool group. I think I see a couple of circuits in the future for our annual science fair!

With gratitude, Kimberly Hedrick, PA

Hi Mr. Phillips,
Andrew is really enjoying your classes and is learning so much.  It's so
funny to hear my husband asking my son questions.  For instance, my oven
wasn't working and my hubby had to replace a part.  I overheard him asking
Andrew something about the difference between current and...and...oh, I
can't remember...but anyway, Andrew rattled off these long definitions and
helped my husband to figure it out.

It all sounds like Greek to me.  And it's weird, as a homeschooling mom,
I've always taught him everything so therefore I understand everything that
I've taught him.  Your electronics class is a whole different matter all
together.  I'm clueless.  I must say though that it's really neat when your
kids surpass you at something; you sort of sit back in amazement and go

Linda Lintelman, mother of 12 year old Andrew
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Phillips:
Both of our kids attended a University of Chicago professor's presentation on Nanotechnology (supported by Science Chicago) this week at our local library. They were the last to leave. We believe their interests in technology have been stimulated  by your Edison Project classes.
Thank you!
Cyndee and Shig Furukawa
Arlington Heights, IL

Hi Joel,
Walter has been having a fabulous time with the class and was especially excited about searching for LEDs, which he found, enthusiastically, all over the place.  Today when we were at the local Science Museum, we immediately noticed some LED keychain flashlights near the checkout counter.  I am just stunned at how much we have learned in such a short time.  I marvel constantly at subjects that I know about now because we are homeschooling that I *never* studied at all during my many, many years in school (I'm part of a dissertation short of a doctorate, so I've been in school for a long time!).  Geography and electronics--two things that never got any attention.  

I feel like I actually understand how a ceiling fan works now!  I'm so curious to know how big the permanent magnet in the one in our bedroom is!  You are making this Snap Circuits kit so much more meaningful than it ever would have been by itself.

I will pray that your area is not hit too hard by the hurricane.  

Nancy Clendenon

Mr. Phillips

All 4 of my kids are now outside trying to see how fast they can make the little wheel spin, and how high it can fly.  I have a feeling I'll be needing a ladder to get it off my roof.  LOL
I can't thank you enough - the 11 yo has been showing the 9yo and the 7yo how everything works - and they are all actually getting along -  I don't think I've heard an argument all day - and this has got to be one of the fastest days they ever got through their regular school work.  She's already asking me about when she can start next weeks work.....
- Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough -  we'll definitely be signing up for ALL the classes !
Deb Sarhan
New Jersey
Mona is eleven and enrolled in Edison Project



            Thank you for the feedback.  Mark (Jr.) had a great time doing the Edison Project 1-4.  After further review of the schedule and activity list for the upcoming school year I have decided that Mark (Jr.) will not continue with the Edison Project 5.  I will instead concentrate on building his math and reading skills.  Will there be opportunity possibly next year to be part of Edison project 5? 

I would like to thank you for the great program you have put together for the kids.  I personally look forward to learning more about electronics with Edison Project 5.  Doing Edison Project 1-4 with my son has helped me in my current job.  If I could, I would take Edison Project 5 to further my own education in electronics, but I would never want to take a seat away from a eager learning child.  If there is any extra space in EP5 please E-mail me and I will be right on board.  Thanks again for your great program.

                                                                                                                                         Best regards,

                                                                                                                                         Mark Domogala


The following message pertains to Kid's Club operated every summer.  

Dear Mr. Phillips

I just wanted to write to say thank you for all of the wonderful science experiments that you provided for both my son and me.  We had so much fun learning together about Newton's laws especially and I have to admit that I also learned a thing or two, or three.  

Though my son is just seven, the hands on activities really clicked with him and made the information make sense.  I am a proud mother of a child who can now talk generally about Newton's first law.
Thank you again,
Lilith McQuoid Davis
Mother of Angus McQuoid
Durham, NC



Dear Mr. Phillips,

I wanted to write and let you know how much my grandson, Joshua (Hague) has enjoyed your summer Kid's Club. I, too, am on dial-up internet service, so I save the project pages for offline reading. That's why Joshua hasn't responded on-line to any of the questions you asked in a couple of the lessons. Joshua did answer the questions, but since I am on dial up and saved the work for offline use, the answers, of course, were not submitted. My apologies for that.

 I have enrolled Joshua in the Edison Project and I know he is going to love it. Joshua is a Type 1 Diabetic, and he has many medical complications from it. However, the most important reason he is homeschooled is because he was labeled as "Attention Deficit". Although he is very, very smart (he loves Math and Science and although he is 7, he is doing mostly 4th grade work), he simply cannot function in a normal classroom setting. Instead of putting him on medication, we withdrew him from his traditional public school and I now homeschool him. I teach him in the way he learns best, and he thrives. He is, without a doubt, an Edison Trait child. I was so happy when I ran across the posting someone made in one of the homeschool forums that I read- and I know without a doubt that it has been a wonderful learning experience for both Joshua and myself.

I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into these wonderful classes that give children like Joshua a chance to excel further in Math, Science, Electronics, and life! You are a blessing to the parents and grandparents who are teaching children like Joshua.

 Susan Riston




Hi Joel,

I wanted to let you know that Gavin really likes your electronics class. After Edison Project 2, I told him he could be done with science till the fall but he wanted to take your class again through the summer. I don't think he has ever told me that he has wanted to continue anything else "educational" in the summer other than this class. I'm glad we found your programs.

Have a great summer, Jessica Gilberto (Fallston, Maryland)



The Mendenhall Family is from Odessa, Florida.  






Hi Mr. Phillips,

                        This is Mark Domogala's Dad.  I wanted to thank you for putting together a great learning tool for the kids.  Some kids learn better through a hands on experience.  God has truly blessed you in the area of electronics and has given you the ability to bring it to others through the electronic media.  Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication; my son loves learning about electronics.  I must say...I like it too.  Have a great weekend.


                                                                            Mark W. Domogala

Mark W. (dad) and Mark Joseph Domogala live in Monroe, Connecticut.  


Dear Mr. Phillips.

This is Peter May's mom (Edison Project 1).  I wanted to let you know how much Peter is enjoying your class!  My husband has been working on the kit with him; Peter (8) has learned a lot, and is always happy to sit down and do electronics.  Last night I heard a lot of happy shouts, "Oh, Mom! Come here and look at this!"  (As the red thing whirled up and across the room - was it supposed to?)

Best regards and many thanks from a happy student's family!

Kathy May,  San Pablo, California

My reply:  Yes!  That's just one of the little surprises in Edison Project.  


Mr. Phillips,

I appreciate your class and the way you encourage my son.  I was just marveling over how promptly you respond to him even though you have a large number of students to attend to.   Thank you for providing us with a science class which is far superior to anything most American students can hope to be involved in!
Take care,
Joan Thomson
(Mom to Robert Thompson, Age 12, Cypress, Texas)   



Hello, Mr. Phillips,

     We were playing Christmas music that last week as we were conducting the experiments, and every time the Lab called for using the tone or the buzzer, Andrew (Age 14) would use the tone/buzzer to harmonize along with the music. It was fun to listen to and a fun added element to the lesson. Next thing you know, he'll be composing music on the breadboard!

     I just wanted to thank you for providing Andrew with his favorite class this fall. This week we continued homeschooling, but we didn't have QSL to do, and Andrew was sad. And I have to add that the certificate was wonderful icing on the cake! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and we are truly looking forward to getting back to work in January. I think Andrew is especially looking forward to building some "booby traps," so I guess I'll have to be extra alert!

Andie Yellott
Lutherville, MD


Hi Mr. Phillips,

My boys are thoroughly enjoying all the fun projects and even the concepts they are learning.  Some of it is a challenge to me.  Anyway, the boys were so sad when I announced that there was a 3-week break between classes (Christmas Holidays).  They think they can only handle 2 weeks. 
Thank you for enriching our homeschool experience.  I have been "advertising" our excitement, but no 'biters' yet.  It blesses me to know that we will get to meet you in person in heaven someday.
God bless,
Lorelei Smerdel
Danny and Sam Smerdel (Edison Project 1)
Euclid, Ohio



Hi, Mr. Phillips~

I just wanted to say how much my son, Dalton Bequette (age 15), has enjoyed Electronics I. Thank you so much for your care and instruction!

I registered Dalton for Electronics II to begin Jan. 7th. I mailed my check for $65 to you today (12/6/07), just to let you know. Thanks so much!

Gail Bequette

New Mexico



Dear Mr. Phillips,

I wanted to inform you that I need your mailing address in order to send in the fee for the rest of the classes. I was not sure how a 7 year old would respond to the class. My son loves it and builds the 1st 4 circuits over and over again. I have to hold him back from moving ahead in the project book. Please include us in the remainder of the classes and I will send the check as soon as I have your mailing address.

                                  Best Regards,

                                  Mark Domogala (Dad)

             (The Domogala Family lives in Monroe Connecticut) 


The Poseys live in Mississippi!

Mr. Phillips, 

My Mom wanted me to write and tell you how much I have learned and enjoyed your class.  It has been great fun and being able to actually do the experiments has made electronics come to life for me.  Thank you for the time you spend making the class fun for us all. I always get nervous taking the Big-Checks, but got done early this time as we are going out of town for the rest of the week. I studies hard this week! I am not sure about when we'll do the next session, as our travels will take us away from home for a bit.  We'll be back though.  

Thanks again for a great time.  Best wishes.  

Grace Bigler     

Mr. Phillips, 

This is Grace's Mom, 

We really have had a great time with this course (Edison Project 2) and I have learned right along with Grace!  We probably will be on hold until the fall, but look forward to getting back to the next session when we can.  Our best to you for a wonderful spring and summer, and thanks again for your time and efforts with this. We who choose to homeschool appreciate opportunities like this that broaden our kids horizons!  

Best regards, Lenora Bigler, 

(Grace, age ten, and her family live in Mississippi) 


Dear Mr. Phillips,

Thank you so much for this class.  Sam truly enjoys
himself so much and it is one subject HE reminds ME
that it needs to be completed!  And I can't believe how
much he knows and understands now either at age 8.
Although, he is driving the check out clerks at the
grocery stores and such crazy as he 'controls' the
photo resistors working the conveyor belt and explains
to them how the scanner works! Even my 3-year-old
daughter looks for LEDs in everything.  So thank you
for this blessing to our home and school. 


Lani Siciliano
Mother to Samuel Siciliano
Edison Project 2

(The Siciliano Family is from Monroe, Connecticut


I can't begin to tell you how wonderful your Quick Study Lab program is. We are having soooo much fun with it. My daughter Jenny loves aeronautics and has wanted to be a pilot since the age of four. She presently takes glider lessons so she can get her license at age 14. She also flies radio controlled planes of all sizes both Nitro and Electric planes. Your program is helping her to understand and put into practice the "how it operates" part of the electric motors she deals with. She is constantly making connections from your lessons to her flying and building with the electronics that go into her planes. We will be active students of your for some time I can see!!  

Thanks so much, 

Deb Kimball  (Long Grove, Illinois


Dear Mr. Phillips,
Josh is having a really good time with Electronics 1.  My husband studied electronics in college and it was his favorite subject.  He has told me several times that what Josh is doing is what he did in high school and college but more interesting.  Josh (12) is challenged but not overwhelmed.  He is a bit of a perfectionist so when he gets something wrong on the test he wants to redo it and figure out where he went wrong.  He has already asked me to sign him up for Electronics 2.  That is the best indicator for me that he is enjoying it and understanding the material.  As an added bonus for our family, this class has been an opportunity for Josh and his dad to have some quality time together talking about something they both enjoy.  They were starting to grow apart and having a hard time relating.  This class has made a noticeable change in their relationship.  Thank you!
Sincerely,  Heidi Christianson

(Heidi Christianson and family are from Hemet, Calafornia)


From: Jarrod (8 year old student)

The fan launched twice when it was at the bottom of the circuit.
When it launched I put the fan in the regular way at the bottom.

I'm having a good time.  It's very good.  It can't be better.

(from mom:  FYI: If you could see Jarrod dancing around and jumping up and down repeatedly to express his excitement as the experiments work, you would have a better idea of the enthusiasm I'm seeing.)

Amanda Hale (mom) and Jarrod live in Connecticut.  


Mr. Phillips


My son is sixteen and the class is great for him.  It is a great success
builder for him---hands on is great for him.  He does it very quickly and
it combines what we have done in the past with physics.  Some
electronics is enough of a challenge for him (very important) and short
enough that he can do the experiments in less than a half an hour.

Thanks again, 


Sallie mom to Cory

Sallie Miller-House (Florida)



Mr. Phillips,    

Eli is enjoying the Introduction to Sensors course. He's 12 years old and we don't find the vocabulary to be too much for him. Eli always looks forward to Electronics class. He typically reads the material on Monday morning, and spends 2 or 3 evenings a week doing the experiments with his father's help. They do not spend an hour on each one, although the two of them have so much fun, they usually take a little extra time to admire their work! Thank you for your efforts to present this unique experience for home school students and for making learning FUN!    

Vicki Wilkerson (Georgia) 


Mr. Phillips,
My son Riley is 10 years old. It takes him about 20 minutes to complete the reading and the project. Some days there is more reading than others so it may take him an extra 5 minutes or so. I think that since my son has never done anything like this before he is learning even though he is completing his assignment quickly.
I would say that the way that you talk to the children is right on. What I have found is if you try to talk down to a child that they realize what you are doing. When our homeschool support group goes on a field trip we ask that the information be given to all the students at a (5-7th grade) middle level. This way those that are younger can pick up some of the information, those in the middle get it all and those in upper grades get a refresher course. 
Riley is so excited about this class that he wakes every morning and goes straight for his computer. I have had to make him do his math, language arts and other basic classes before he can do electronics. He really loves this class.
Thanks so much for offering this special opportunity to us homeschoolers. We really love it.
Blessings be to you,
Pam Hinshaw


Hello Mr. Phillips,

    Serena is enjoying her classes very much. In fact I use them as an incentive to get her spelling done faster.
    Even though she is still only 7 (8 in December), she understands everything very well. I do a little bit of explaining, and further instruction in it, asking other questions and stuff to help her along, but all in all, this satisfies her learning need and interest in electronics very well. The language is not too much for her.
      Otherwise everything is going great, she loves this class and can't wait to get to it everyday. Her younger siblings are benefiting from this as well. They get very caught up in her enthusiasm, and she learns more as she works to explain to them what she is learning. I get a really good smile off of this everyday.
         Deborah Bigelow 

From Connecticut





Mr. Phillips,


Yesterday Academy Sports and Outdoors opened in our town. It really was a big thing and Lane was talking about it forever. I told that we could go and just walk around there when he finished his work for the day. At about 1:30 he was done with everything except his electronics class, so I told him that he had one more piece of school to do before we could go to Academy. He said, “Mom my electronics class is not school, it’s fun.” I hope that sums up how much he loves it.


As for the projects, he is done with them very quickly and it does not take him an hour per day to do them. He is 11 ˝ so he is on the end of the age range for the class. I don’t feel that they are too easy for him and I do think that he is learning a great deal. 


Donna Kay Brown


From Texas



Mr. Phillips,


I just wanted to tell you that both Philip and Daniel really look forward to your class each day. They can’t wait to show me the new project they’ve completed and their eyes positively beam. I am never asked for help by either of them so you are doing a great job communicating with them and making learning an adventure.


Thanks for the wonderful opportunity you’ve made available for my boys.



Teresa Clark

From Alabama


Dawn Bowland, from Parker, Colorado writes:  



Dear Mr. Joel Phillips,


Thank you so much for your wonderful club!  We loved the first one and then had visitors and trips that got in the way of everything else.  My children are just six and eight so I look forward to joining your future groups and classes, and I will certainly tell others how professional, enthusiastic, and Godly your site is.  Thanks again for the opportunity to learn from you. 


In Christ's Love,


Cynthia Puentes



I found this while sorting through some old papers, It's from my sister.  She wrote this for me to put in my testimonial pages, but I never did.  She died, along with her 17-year old son in a terable car crash on my birthday, December 28, 2010.