Share Quick Study Labs With Others

Are you going to a curriculum meeting, homeschool event, or homeschool meeting place? Would you like to share Quick Study Labs with others who may like to get their kids excited about math and science?  

Many people have taken the time to share information about Quick Study Labs with others in their homeschool groups and associations.  Due to their efforts, you may have learned about QSL.   

I feel that to keep America strong, we must have more children pursuing careers in math, science, and technology.  If kids are taught to love math and science when they are young, I believe they will not depart from that love when they become adults.  If you would help me in this worthwhile goal of bringing hands-on math and science to kids, please print materials from the links below. 

Please use the following materials to share QSL with others.  You have the permission of QSL to reproduce these items to be used in the promotion of hands-on FUN math and science through the study of electronics. 

3" x 5"   $10 Discount Coupon.pdf  for Edison Project 1

Poster "The Edison Project" 8 x11.pdf


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