Register for Club Activities

Starts Mid-May and is free to all who register before the cut-off date.  

Summer 2019 enrollment is limited to 1000 Students

Please complete the form carefully and completely.  Registration information is used by Quick Study Labs to create certificates at the end of summer and to communicate with students and parents.  Students are not allowed to communicate with each other and your personal information is not shared with other students or anyone.   

Please complete one form for each child.  

    I would like to register my child for:  
Kids Club       Kid's Club is for students age 8 to 11
Summer Club  Summer Club is for students age 12 to 80
My child has special circumstances which compel me to register him/her outside of the recommended age group.  I will give extra supervision to my child to assure he/she succeeds and does all activities safely.



ATTENTION:  Please use proper capitalization and punctuation.  All non-correct or non-complete forms will be discarded and your registration will be terminated.  This information is used to print the certificates at the end of summer.  One form for each student please. 


Parent First Name
Parent Last Name
Student First Name
Student Last Name
Student Age  
Student Gender  
Student Birthday Example 03/03/1998
Mailing Address
Zip/Postal Code
Phone       Example 555-555-5555
Time Zone

How did you find us?



When I send you pictures of my child doing experiments, you may on the Quick Study Labs website and/or use them to promote the learning of math, science and technology at Quick Study Labs. 



NOTICE:  Because Quick Study Labs sends group messages, many email services and programs will send our email messages to your "Surplus" or "Junk Mail" folder.  If you do not receive email from us by the week before the club activities begin, please call Joel Phillips.  The phone number is at the top of the main menu of the Quick Study Labs website. 


NOTICE:  By completing this form, you agree that you are the homeschool teacher and you are responsible for the safety of your child.  You also agree to provide adult supervision and assure that students follow all precautions given on the website, in the book used for the class, if any, and follow all operating instructions and safety recommendations of any equipment used in lessons on the Quick Study Labs website. 

Joel W. Phillips
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