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Difficult to get your home or church school students excited about math, science, and physics?  I would love to change all that! 


My name is Joel Phillips and I have been teaching electronics to Mobile and Baldwin County kids and adults for over 17 years.  I am the former head of the Electronics Engineering Technology Department at Bishop State Community College in Mobile, Alabama.  By teaching these classes, I hope to spark some interest in choosing Electronics Engineering Technology as a career.  Electronics Technology is one of the fastest growing career opportunities available. 


Some of the careers paths include: 


Computer Repair

Computer Networking  

Broadband Tech

Biomedical Technician

Aerospace Technician

Communications Technician 

Wireless Customer Service Technician

Office Machine Technician

Home Automation Technician

Home Automation Design and Installation 

Security/Fire Installer Tech

Alarm Installation and Repair Specialist

Robotics Maintenance Technician

Robotics Programmer

Electronics Engineering Technician

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technician

Radio and Television Broadcast Technician  



New classes will begin soon!  



Point your kids to an exciting experience that

could lead to a SUPER CAREER! 



Bring out the scientist in your kids with Electronics at Quick Study Labs!


Joel Phillips



Bringing Electronics Home to Your Kids!



Disclaimer:  No class presented on this website can be used as college credit or any other credit except, of course,  by homeschool parents who choose to do so.  In fact, each week of class ends with a summary and a check-up.  The results of the check-up can be printed at your home and used as attendance verification for homeschool.  This class will make excellent science, applied math, or physics credit or any combination thereof for homeschool teachers.  Two eight week sessions comprise a semester of credit.  

Homeschool kids are some of the brightest and most disciplined students around and I am blessed beyond measure to be able to offer these introductory classes. 

Joel W. Phillips


Joel W. Phillips
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