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Applications are now being accepted for all of these Fun and Educational Summer Classes

4-Week classes include:

Green Technology #1 (4-Week Course) where we build a working solar power system.

Green Technology #2 where we build a working solar power system.

SOLDER MAGIC*  Melt metal and learn to make permanent electronic circuits through the magic of soldering.

(8-Week Classes Offered)

The Edison Project

Advanced AC and DC

 Music with Mackie (Guitar Online)


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Fall Classes Begin

August 26 and September 23

Please hold Fall 2019 registration till August 1st! 


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2019 SUMMER CLUBS May 27th!

Summer clubs are FREE!


Note:  Advanced DC and AC Electronics is only recommended for adults or students who have completed The Edison Project.   Advanced DC will be audio and video based, so you will need a high-speed internet connection. 


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