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Quick Study Labs is not just a website, it's my classroom!

Homeschool students sometimes get the raw end of the deal when it comes to specialized technical courses that require lab equipment.  Especially missing from the curriculum for home and church school is one of the most fascinating and exciting subjects that I know of!  That's right.... Electronics!  But, of course, my opinion could be a little biased.  

My name is Joel Phillips, and I just love studying and teaching electronics, which I have been doing professionally for the past 20+ years.  My mother tells me I started teaching electronics at about age 14.  Every time I learned something new about electricity everyone around me had to know too. 

I was an Edison Trait child, and struggled through public school.  This is one of the reasons I am so motivated to bring these lessons HOME to you!  It's my way of giving back.

These classes are designed to be "Hands-On," easy, and fun, and very engaging.  Most of the experiments can be completed without difficulty in an hour or so, but your kids will have so much fun they won't want to quit!  

Career exploration and Tech-Prep is a big part of public education.  Now your kids can explore Electronics Engineering Technology from home.  Just give them the address to Quick Study Labs and direct them to the free class!  If they respond, like I think they will, sign them up!

I will help your kids realize exactly how marvelous creation is, all the way down to the smallest sub particles of the atom!  

Students will need the equipment listed on the "About Classes" page before they can start in any class, please don't forget the batteries so they can begin with the rest of the group.    

It's my hope and prayer that the students enjoy learning these lessons as much as I enjoy teaching them.  

Joel W. Phillips

Quick Study Labs


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