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Hands on projects build student success at Quick Study Labs!


Dane Showalter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
 Loves Edison Project
 and look at the great circuit he built. 
James Wiebe from
Saskatchewan CANADA

WOW!  You are doing a fabulous job, James.  Keep up the good work. 

Canadians love Quick Study Labs too! 
Here is a GREAT project by Sophia Whiskeyman from Prattville, Alabama. You GO!   

Niamh and Seth Coles, from Cedar Park, TX building the LED robot in the Solder Magic* class. I love these shots and I love your ventilation hood too! 
Texans LOVE Quick Study Labs too!  Fine job Bayley! 
Here is Mateo Smith from Bowie, MD doing Project 11 - The Flying Saucer!  He is having a FANTASTIC day at Quick Study Labs in "The Edison Project."
Electronics is fun DOWN UNDER too. 
Gideon Snowdon from Wamboin, Australia
Student at Quick Study Labs
Joseph Powell Joseph Powell from Virginia is having a great time at QSL.  I think this is a UFO he made at Quick Study Labs! 

Way to go Joseph!
Fine job Troy! 
Troy McKnitt from Texas is generating electricity with the built-in generator that is part of his Electronic Sensor kit.  His multimeter reads 53.8 mV. 
We have a project in Introduction to Sensors where we generate voltage with a small built-in generator.  Andy vanOsten (Virginia) is showing us how it's done!  

Way to go Andy!
Zachary Macintyre in the Solder Magic One class.  Good job Zach.  (IL)   
Will Campbell (SC) has grown a bit since his photo was placed on  the home page of Quick Study Labs.  He still LOVES electronics at QSL! 

Fine job on the soldering project Will!
Micah Brown (MA) built a robot in Solder Magic 1.  Great job Micah!

Here is Stephen Vogel, from Connecticut, doing one of his favorite projects.  I know you wish you were doing this project too.  It's so much fun!

Keep up the good work Stephen!
Here is Thomas Terry form Texas enjoying another fun experiment from Introduction to Sensors.  Good job Thomas!

Gabe Studzinski (New Jersey) loved the spin-draw project last week.  I love it too Gabe!

Andy VanOsten has created a masterpiece

of modern electronics! In Virginia, electronics rule!

Good job Andy!


Erich Baacke had a super time this summer in Green Technology and gives this energy storage experiment


Good job Erich!
Erich is from Illinois
Tyler Schloesser from Illinois built a FANTASTIC windmill in the GREEN TECHNOLOGY class this summer! 

Fine job Tyler!  Let me know how much voltage your windmill puts out in a good wind.  You can use your digital multimeter set to the 20V DC range.  
Here is Joseph O'Connell building a circuit using the Electronic Sensor Lab!  Good Job Jsoeph!

Now that's using your head!  What better place to enjoy electronics than the beach!  Here's Ginni enjoying the FM Radio Project in
Edison Project I. 
Great pictures Ginni.  Thanks!
 Ginni Wilson, New Zealand
Galen Savidge, California, with a cool circuit on the board.  You may notice that the voltage sources are series-opposing and therefore cancel each other out.

Good job Galen!
Evan Ulrichs in Montana has another HOT experiment going on the proto-type board.  It's a great thing to do on a COLD day!
Nina!  That is a GREAT photo!  Thanks for sharing this with us!

Nina is generating electricity in the Introduction to Sensors Class.
Good work Nina!
I really like my class.

In order to fly, the motor has to be put in the right way.  The electrons
need to flow into the positive side of the motor first.

Way to go Mitchell!
Danny Smerdel, Ohio.  Fine job Danny.  I love that project!
Elliot Smith If Elliot Smith (California) looks smart, it's because he is.  Elliot has completed two and a half years of classes at Quick Study Labs and he aced almost every test. 

Way to go Elliot!
Here is Kevin Hedrick in PA with a great Series circuit.  Looks like he is saying, "See what I can do, it's nothing to it!"
Way to go Corby! 

All those brains up there give you a large skin contact resistance from ear to ear!
Great work Christopher!
Here is a picture of Christopher with his favorite project this week.

Christopher is from Signal Mountain, Tennessee.
 Daniel (Dan) Cornell, from Illinois with his favorite circuit so far. 

Alarm circuits always get a thumbs up! 

Way to go Daniel!

Ryan Ramsower from Texas with a countdown! 

Three! Two! One thumb up!

Huston, we have liftoff!

My Snap-Kit
 has wings!

Joshua Ludlow from North Carolina.

This is Davis Smith from Pennsylvania with his James Bond pose.  He just launched a spy satellite! 

Good job 007, don't forget to check in
We launched the flying saucer
53" (4 feet 5 inches) 

James and Elizabeth

I think that this is so fun and I'm happy that me and my brothers are able to have this experience. These projects get better and funner every week and I hope next year I will do EP2  Thanks!!

Sebastien is doing a light experiment!  Good job Sebastien!

Peter lives in Sunny California.  

Peter May has discovered LED technology in a lot of different places, including the family dish washer.  Nice job Peter! He also knows how to hook up a real-LED circuit safely! 

Jonathan Adams, PA, was hunting for something we discussed in class.  Can you tell what he has spotted.  I'll give you a hint, it took some really sharp eyes to spot this one, it's green!  

See a recent photo of Jonathan on the QSL News page. 

Andrew Reynolds, from Maryland, is serving up a shocking dish!  Something really unusual.  We think it may be electronic spaghetti!  What do you think?

Matthew Justus, from New Mexico, has a generator built into his project board.  He is generating a voltage with one hand and measuring it with the other. 

Good job Matthew!




You can just see the confidence and enthusiasm beaming form Jarrod's smile, as he holds up a note to the on-line teacher!  His mom took this picture and sent it in!  


Thanks Mom!


Jarrod is one of our

 Edison Project Kids!

Edison Project is a 2 year program that you can subscribe to in 8-Week segments.


Way to go Jarrod!

The Edison Project is for kids age eight and older!  







Guess what Jesse is up to!  

"The hydrogen bubbles were awesome" is what Jesse wrote after taking the free class.  The lab pictured in the photo is covered in the Free Class! Introduction to Sensors 1 covers 40 exciting experiments.

Introduction to Sensors lasts 16 weeks.  You can subscribe 8-Weeks at a time. 

During the summer months, Quick Study Labs sponsors Free-Fun-Science projects via Summer Club and Kids Club!  

During the summer, we dive into all kinds of neat science, not just electronics!

Shown here, Philip Clark from Alabama and his brother do a light spectrum "Rainbow" experiment.  Philip writes, "Daniel came up with the idea of the rainbow on the chest."  Daniel is Philip's younger brother who enjoyed the science projects as well. 

This is the Quick Study Labs Team!