How These On-Line Classes Work

Each week of class, I will send a new password by email.  This password will open the door to new and exciting discoveries for your child the entire week.  In Edison Project and Introduction to Sensors, there will be five experiments to do each week and you can assign them all in one day, or one each day, or however you would like your student to complete them!  Lessons can be taken from any computer with Internet access, any time day or night.  The choice is yours.  Some classes have more or less lessons per week.  See "About the Classes" on the main menu for complete details about classes. 

In most classes, each assignment takes between thirty minutes and an hour or so, unless your kids are as enthused about electronics as I am.  In that case, they may spend some extra time just enjoying the project and doing some critical thinking about ways to use the circuit.  

The only rule about time is students must finish the week's assignments by Friday or at least Saturday at midnight.  If you are planning a trip out of town, let me know in advance and we can work out a solution.  

In most classes students will take a check-up each week to see how well they understand the material covered.  Mom's and Dad's like to print these as verification of attendance.  

The Edison Project is designed to minister to the needs of gifted students, and/or kids who have the Edison-Trait although all kids will love this hands-on class!  ADD and ADHD students usually respond to these classes as well, because the lessons are short and to the point with lots of Hands-On learning!  For complete details on The Edison Project, follow the menu item "The Edison Project."  You can register for The Edison Project in eight week segments.  Each segment contains 40 exciting lab experiments.  The Edison Project is a two year program.  

Introduction to Sensors is a sixteen week program that you can register for in eight-week segments.  Each eight-week segment covers 40 exciting lab experiments.  The second level of classes "Introduction to Sensors Part 2" uses the same equipment and lasts another eight weeks covering another 40 experiments.  Introduction to Sensors Part 1 and Part 2 together can be counted as a full semester of science credit and each two sections of Edison Project can be used as one semester of science credit.       

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